Saturday 6/29/2019

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Saturday 6/29/2019

Post by Jan Mosier » Sat Jun 29, 2019 1:15 pm

Hard to believe June is almost over. Any plans for the 4th?

It's going to be another uneventful day here. I can barely keep up with the dogs and twins. We are heading to my nephew's house later today for a grill out and let the twins swim and play with their cousins for a few hours.

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Re: Saturday 6/29/2019

Post by tammyfolk » Sat Jun 29, 2019 1:58 pm

Shawn and I got up with intentions of taking a day trip today (destination 2 -3 hours) but Rocky isn't feeling so well this morning so Shawn is cleaning up bile and dog puke all morning. :o so that may need to be postponed for another day. Not to mention, he's on call this weekend and his work phone has been going off pretty much non stop this morning. . .

I'm guessing we'll play the remainder of the day by ear . . . No plans for the fourth yet, as I have to work on the 5th. Even though it'll be a skeleton crew at work, we're still open and I was one of the last peoploe contemplating taking the 5th off - but that's ok, as I have a whole week and a half off at the end of July. I'll be travelling to SC when Jackie has her baby.
Tammy Folk there really anything else?

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Re: Saturday 6/29/2019

Post by Tamara » Sat Jun 29, 2019 3:22 pm

Jan have a great day in the sunshine!
Tammy sorry about your plans but glad you get to spend time with Jackie and the new baby.
The condo funds hit the bank yesterday at 3:30. We weren't sure if they would make it for the weekend. It was looking more like Monday. So of course silly DH went and paid $125 yesterday morning for an emissions test because car registration is due July 1. He wouldn't listen to me to put it off. He KNEW we were getting a new car if not before the end of June by next week. Grrrr! He just loves throwing money away because as soon as the funds hit he said want to go get the new car tomorrow? And I said well maybe we should wait a couple of weeks to get our moneys worth out of the unnecessary emissions test. Then he didn't think I was excited for the new car and was ragging on him.
Anywho! We are getting the car today unless they don't have the one that I want. So hopefully since we know what we are putting down and exactly what I want it shouldn't take five hours!!! I hate that part of buying a new car. We tell them everything we are willing to do up front. Meet our criteria but don't keep playing games with your finance dept!
Hoping to get some scrapping in but DH may want to do a nice dinner to celebrate the sale of the condo so we'll see. He is just happy not to have to worry about setting aside HOA dues money and stuff like that. We will have more in our budget to work with not having to always save EVERY bonus, EVERY tax return for condos what ifs? Thats the part the kids don't get. So time to move on. More road tripping is in our future.
Happy Saturday!
Happy Weekend!

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