It's Sunday 11/10

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Jan Mosier
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It's Sunday 11/10

Post by Jan Mosier »

Good morning ladies! We had frost again last night but I don't care because Jan now has heat!!! They still have to come back out and replace the control panel but I do have heat for now. The fan won't turn off but they assured me it would not run my electric bill up nor would it drain my propane tank. They will be back out tomorrow or Tuesday to replace the bad part. It's shaping up to be a busy day. I have treats to bake for the Hartsville stores as well as a meatloaf for Kyle for dinner tonight. If I'm lucky, the dogs will be good today. ;)
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Tracy F
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Re: It's Sunday 11/10

Post by Tracy F »

Yay for heat Jan! It was cold down here in Florida so I can only imagine how cold it was at your place!

Got my walk in all bundled up and went to 2 exercise classes this morning. Have laundry going now and might go play in my scraproom shortly.

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Re: It's Sunday 11/10

Post by Tracey »

We had a cold windy weekend. Not sure where our Spring weather has gone.
Back at work now, big week ahead with project deadlines due.

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Re: It's Sunday 11/10

Post by Tamara »

Jan YAY you are warm again!!
Tracy I'm all out of energy for you. Two exercise classes might just do me in.
Tracey maybe our winter is mixed up with your spring :mrgreen:

I was happy to get my "you" challenge finished this morning before church. Now kids are coming to dinner in a couple of hours. Miss Kalli will love dessert. We haven't had cherry cheesecake for a while and it is her favorite. A girl after my own heart. I always put steak and cherry cheesecake on all those forms asking info about yourself. haha. The rice is started and I'll get to the sweet n sour chicken in 30 minutes so I thought I would cruise on in hear and check things out. The site is looking good. So happy more of you joined us. It's always nice to see what you are all up to. I need to get my rest today because tomorrow I will be crazy sewing all day. I spent $200 in three trips to JoAnn the last couple of days. I have so many orders for table runners and I want to crank them out. I still have some touch ups of embellishments to do on my Wednesday challenge. Hoping to get that done today.
Happy Sunday!!

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Re: It's Sunday 11/10

Post by tammyfolk »

Getting ready to head to bed in just a few minutes. I was up and out of the house early this morning shopping with co workers, and then home to housework, and a short nap. . . sad that the weekend has come and gone, but I really enjoyed the weekend. Garrett was super excited yesterday, as he was able to watch all the bands perform, and then to have his band go on to take 1st place in the American A Class category in the Cavalcade of Bands Championships. I was even able to take a few pics of him and his trumpet friends, and pics are pretty hard to come by these days. And did I mention it was cold?? It was soooo brutally cold, and then wind would.not.let.up!!

I did manage to get the October challenges totally counted, and the winner posted! I'm not sure if I was more impressed with 100 layouts being created or the fact that we had 14 differrent people participating. . .
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